Frequently Asked Questions .

How many places are available?

There are 12 places available.

Which creative industries are eligible to apply?

We accept applications from people working across an expansive range of creative fields, including, but not limited to:

Animation, Architecture, Crafts, Design, Fashion, Film, Game Development, Performing Arts, Photography, Visual Art, VFX, XR

Do I have to live in York to be eligible?

Participants must be resident at an address that falls within the boundary of either the City of York Council or North Yorkshire Council. If you are outside of the boundary, please get in touch as you may still be eligible.

What are the selection criteria?

Participants will be selected via a holistic approach, taking into consideration:

  • Previous education
  • Previous experience
  • A clear business ambition and passion for what you do
  • The relevance of your business to the Bootcamp
  • The scope and breadth of your business proposal and its potential
Will I have to attend an interview?

Yes, shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview. Interviews will be held via Zoom on 30 May and 3 June.

Do I have to be registered as self-employed?

To join the Bootcamp you do not need to be registered as self-employed. However, you will need to register as self-employed by the end of Week 2. Guidance will be provided.

What if I am already self-employed?

You are welcome to apply for the course. 

I already have a business. Am I eligible for this Bootcamp?

Yes, existing business owners are welcome to apply. The course is designed for start-up businesses and existing businesses who are looking to grow and thrive.

How will the Bootcamp work?

There are 12 places available.

The Bootcamp will take place over 12 weeks, with 5 hours of guided learning each week.

Each week you will need to attend:

  • One workshop – Tuesday 18:00-21:00
  • One masterclass – Thursdays 18:00-20:00

Each week will focus on a different topic, developing key skills that will help you to establish and grow your business.

After completing all 60 hours of guided learning, you will be offered a work-space in the Enterprise Centre at York St John University, rent-free for 12 months to help you get your business off the ground. It is not compulsory to accept this work-space.

Where will the Bootcamp take place?

All sessions, both workshops and masterclasses, will take place in the Creative Centre at York St John University

Can I attend virtually?

All sessions are in-person. It will not be possible to join sessions virtually.

What are the times and dates of the sessions I will need to attend?

Sessions will take place on the following dates and times:



Tuesdays from 18:00-21:00

Sessions will follow this timetable:

  • 18:00-19:15 Part I
  • 19:15-19:45 – Break and networking with light refreshment
  • 19:45-21:00 Part II

11 June, 18 June, 25 June, 2 July, 9 July, 16 July, 23 July, 30 July, 3 Sept, 10 Sept, 17 Sept, 24 Sept



Thursdays from 18:00-20:00

Sessions will follow this timetable:

  • 18:00-18:45 Part I
  • 18:45-19:15 – Break and networking
  • 19:15-20:00 Part II

13 June, 20 June, 27 June, 4 July, 11 July, 18 July, 25 July, 1 August, 5 Sept, 12 Sept, 19 Sept, 26 Sept

What topics will be covered at the Bootcamp?
  • Getting started and defining your goals
  • Writing your business plan
  • Branding and marketing
  • Creative project management
  • Innovation and generating new business opportunities
  • Developing income streams
  • Building your profile
  • Accountancy, legal compliance and employer responsibilities
  • A practical introduction to AI
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Strategies for growing your business
If I accept the offer of rent-free work-space in the Enterprise Centre, how often do I need to use it?

To retain rent-free access, you must actively use the work-space a minimum of 3 full days per week. Allowances will be made for holidays and sickness.

Do I have to use the work-space in the Enterprise Centre?

No, it is not compulsory to accept the offer of rent-free work-space.

What does the work-space in the Enterprise Centre include?
  • Desk
  • Internet
  • Utilities
  • Communal and meeting facilities
  • For further details on the Enterprise Centre click here