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Starting Up

Week 1: Workshop (11 June)

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship and business ownership is exhilarating, filled with possibilities and opportunities for growth. As we dive into this programme, our aim is to guide you through the essential steps of becoming a successful entrepreneur and laying the groundwork for your business. At the heart of this journey lies a clear vision of your goals and aspirations as a business owner. What drives you? What do you hope to achieve? By defining goals with clarity and purpose, you can chart a course for your business that aligns with your passions and values. Speakers: Cherie Federico (Aesthetica Magazine), Bob Gammie, Becky Biggins, Brendan Paddison & Ann Gurnell (York St John - School of Business)

Being Your Own Boss

Week 1: Masterclass (13 June)

Join us to hear the inspiring stories of Aesthetica and Ariatu PR. Founded two decades ago by Cherie Federico and Dale Donley, Aesthetica has flourished into a prominent force in the UK's creative landscape. Hear from Cherie, Director of the Media Organisation, as she takes you on a journey from its beginnings as a small-scale venture and evolution into a powerhouse with a publication, film festival and art prize. Ronke Lawal shares the story of Ariatu PR, a business she started in 2004 that specialises in the Business-To-Consumer (B2C) industries, with a focus on reaching Black audiences and engaging with African and diaspora communities. Speakers: Cherie Federico (Aesthetica Magazine) and Ronke Lawal (Ariatu PR)

Writing Your Business Plan

Week 2: Workshop (18 June)

A business plan is essential for launching a company because it provides clarity of vision, serves as a strategic roadmap, helps in risk management, facilitates resource allocation, serves as a communication tool, and enables you to measure progress. This practical workshop is all about how to construct, write and format your business plan. The goal is to lay the foundations for a successful and sustainable venture that will grow into the future. Speaker: Ann Gurnell (York St John - School of Business)

Launching a Major Production Company

Week 2: Masterclass (20 June)

Factual Fiction Productions stands as a beacon at the intersection of imagination and reality, crafting compelling narratives inspired by true events. Founded on the belief that truth is often stranger than fiction, the company meticulously researches historical events, untold stories, and forgotten legends to weave captivating tales that resonate with audiences. Learn how this company got started and has sustained growth over the years. Speakers: Emily and Tom Dalton (Factual Fiction)

Brand & Marketing (Part 1)

Week 3: Workshop (25 June)

Do you have something customers want? Knowing what you’re selling, who wants it and creating your brand is crucial to standing out from the crowd. This session will provide you with the theory to understanding your audiences and how to make the most of your assets to communicate to a vast range of potential customers. Speakers: Ann Gurnell & Dr Winojith Sanjeewa (York St John - School of Business)

Understanding the Brief: Working with Clients

Week 3: Masterclass (27 June)

AY-PE, a dynamic tech company, stands at the forefront of innovation, shaping the landscape of tomorrow with its cutting-edge advancements. It has worked with clients including The Science Museum, IWM, ITV and more. Learn how to understand briefs and realise other people's visions. It's about navigating a delicate balance between the brief and your own stamp on a project. Speaker: Helena Jones (AY-PE)

Brand & Marketing (Part 2)

Week 4: Workshop (2 July)

Crafting marketing communications for your website and social media presence is paramount in today's digital landscape, where engagement and connection are key to success. What sets your brand apart, why it matters, and how you convey these messages are critical when it comes to shaping your online identity. Speakers: Dr Winojith Sanjeewa (York St John -School of Business) & Mat Lazenby (LazenbyBrown)

Artichoke: A Leading UK Arts Organisation

Week 4: Masterclass (4 July)

This week, you'll hear from Helen Marriage, CEO of Artichoke. It is a pioneering art organisation renowned for its innovative projects and site-specific installations, as well as a mission to disrupt conventional notions of art and engage communities in meaningful dialogue. From large-scale outdoor spectacles to gallery shows, it curates projects to challenge, inspire and provoke. Speaker: Helen Marriage (Artichoke)

Innovation & Design Thinking

Week 5: Workshop (9 July)

Innovation lies at the core of every successful creative project, driving progress and pushing boundaries. It's the spark that ignites fresh ideas and inspires breakthrough solutions. Effective project planning and execution are key to making things happen. The session emphasises how meticulously outlining objectives, milestones, and timelines, teams can navigate complex projects with precision and purpose. Speaker: Ann Gurnell (York St John - School of Business)

Growing into the UK’s Leading VFX Company

Week 5: Masterclass (11 July)

Hear from Kit Monkman, Director, Viridian FX and Oswin Wan, Creative Art Director, Viridian FX who will speak about building one of the UK's most dynamic VFX studios based outside of London. The company manages major projects from Amazon, Netflix, Sky and HBO, including producing VFX for the immensely popular House of the Dragon series. Hear how the company started and where it is going. This will be your opportunity to ask questions and understand how and idea can be transformed into a reality. Speaker: Kit Monkman (Viridian FX), Oswin Wan (Viridian FX)

Creative Project Management

Week 6: Workshop (16 July)

Creative problem-solving is about empowering teams to identify unmet needs, envision innovative solutions, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Design thinking allows businesses to differentiate from competitors, building client loyalty by delivering fresh, customer-centric solutions that address pain points. Speakers: Brendan Paddison & Michael O’Farrel-Follois (York St John - School of Business)

20 Years Running a Design Agency

Week 6: Masterclass (18 July)

LazenbyBrown is renowned for its innovative approach to branding and marketing. With a rich tapestry of expertise spanning design, strategy and digital marketing, the agency is dedicated to helping brands stand out and thrive in a competitive landscape. Director, Mat Lazenby, will speak about setting up the agency and growing it into a leading graphic design business. Speaker: Matt Lazenby (LazenbyBrown)

Developing Income Streams

Week 7: Workshop (23 July)

Developing diverse income streams is essential for the sustainability and growth of creative businesses. It encompasses getting customers, exploring funding options and seizing investment opportunities. You need to understand customer needs, tailor offerings to meet them and leverage effective marketing and sales strategies to retain patronage. A range of funding options exists – from grants and public funding to private investors and partnerships. Speakers: Ann Gurnell (York St John - School of Business), Cherie Federico (Aesthetica Magazine) & Louise Saw (City of York Council)

The Entrepreneur's Story

Week 7: Masterclass (25 July)

Edward Twiddy, the visionary founder of Atom Bank, stands as a trailblazer in the realm of digital banking, revolutionising the financial landscape with innovation and foresight. Twiddy embarked on a mission to create a bank for the digital age with a deep understanding of technology and a passion for disrupting traditional banking models. Atom Bank, founded in 2014, emerged as the culmination of this vision, offering customers a seamless and personalised banking experience through its mobile-first approach. Speaker: Edward Twiddy (Atom Bank)

Networking & Relationship Building

Week 8: Workshop (30 July)

Networking and relationship building are essential to success in the business world, offering opportunities to expand your professional network, forge collaborations and partnerships, and engage with relevant organisations. Building a strong professional network involves cultivating meaningful connections with individuals across various industries and sectors, fostering mutual respect and reciprocity. Speaker: Ann Gurnell (York St John - School of Business) and Farah Hussain (Farah Networking)

Discover Confidence & Realise Your Potential

Week 8: Masterclass (1 August)

Meet Andrea Morrison who is an experienced coach who is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve their personal and professional goals with clarity, confidence and purpose. Through a blend of empathetic listening, insightful questioning, and practical tools and techniques, Andrea facilitates meaningful growth and development, fostering resilience, self-awareness, and a sense of fulfillment. She will help you to navigate the territory of being a start-up. Speaker: Andrea Morrison

Accountancy, Legal, HR & Employing People

Week 9: Workshop (3 Sept)

This interactive workshop covers a range of topics including understanding your finances and bookkeeping, navigating software systems, tackling tax obligations – especially in the realm of self-employment – and mastering employment contracts and responsibilities. We'll also explore effective strategies for managing staff and freelancers, looking at leadership principles and building a strong employer brand. Additionally, we'll discuss the intricacies of contracts with suppliers and customers to ensure clarity and mitigate risks. Speaker: York St John - School of Business

Behind the Scenes of a Company

Week 9: Masterclass (5 Sept)

Hear from Bethany Jenkins, Yorkshire Accountancy, and Matt Rowley, Harrowells Solicitors, as they take you through the day-to-day responsibilities of running an organisation. Bethany will share her extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and VAT, offering guidance and solutions for how to manage your accounts. Matt will discuss legal responsibilities, including regulatory compliances, trademarks, data protection and intellectual property. Speaker: Bethany Jenkins (Yorkshire Accountancy) & Matt Rowley (Harrowells Solicitors)

Demystifying AI: A Practical Introduction

Week 10: Workshop (10 Sept)

In this workshop, Phil Birchenall of Diagonal Thinking will unravel the complexities of artificial intelligence in a clear and accessible manner, introducing key concepts and terminology. You will discover how AI can be used as a tool to support the day-to-day operations of your business and be introduced to real-world applications. What happens inside the black box? Explore the potential of AI to revolutionize everything across the creative industries. Speaker: Phil Birchenall (Diagonal Thinking)

Understanding the Impact of AI

Week 10: Masterclass (12 Sept)

AI, particularly generative AI, raises questions about the future of culture and creativity. There are ethical questions to consider – as well as potential benefits and risks – that affect the creative industries. Dr Suzanne Livingston, previously Global Principal at Wolff Olins and Co-Curator of the blockbuster exhibition AI: More Than Human, will navigate the evolution of AI and share how businesses successfully build AI technology into their strategy. Speaker: Dr Suzanne Livingston

Sales and Negotiation

Week 11: Workshop (17 Sept)

In this workshop, we'll equip you with the essential tools and strategies to excel in the competitive world of sales. Throughout this focused session, we'll dive into key areas such as pricing and sales strategies. This will empower you to begin to identify the most lucrative opportunities and showcase your value with confidence. You'll also learn to master a variety of negotiation skills and techniques, which will help you to close deals, ensure successful outcomes whilst maintain strong customer relationships. Speaker: Ann Gurnell (York St John - School of Business)

The Complete Picture: Strategies for Success

Week 11: Masterclass (19 Sept)

In this session we will hear from Victoria Poole, Director of Sales, Principal Hotel (RBH Hospitality Group) will speak about her role in driving revenue growth. At the helm of the sales department, Victoria oversees and guides the sales team, setting strategic objectives, and implementing initiatives to meet and exceed sales targets. This leadership role involves developing and executing comprehensive sales strategies, identifying new business opportunities and nurturing key client relationships. Speaker: Victoria Poole (Director of Sales - Principal Hotel)

Scaling & Growth

Week 12: Workshop (24 Sept)

In the final module of our course, Scaling and Growth / Revisit and Finalise Business Plan, we'll address crucial aspects of business expansion and long-term planning. As you embark on the next phase of your entrepreneurial journey, we'll explore the key questions: What's the next step? Who can help you along the way? We'll look at strategies for scaling your business, whether at the local, regional, national, or international level and discuss how to effectively manage the challenges that come with growth. We will also revisit and finalise your business plans. Speakers: Ann Gurnell (York St John - School of Business), Cherie Federico (Aesthetica Magazine)

Starting from an Idea

Week 12: Masterclass (26 Sept)

This session led by Pablo Ettinger, the founder of Caffe Nero, will offer insights and firsthand experiences from his journey in building one of the world's most beloved coffee chains. As a pioneer in the industry, Pablo's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach have transformed the landscape of cafe culture. From its early beginnings to global success, Pablo's story is a testament to innovation, perseverance and strategic vision. During this masterclass, participants will have the opportunity to gain unique perspectives on entrepreneurship, business leadership and the art of building a beloved brand. Speaker: Pablo Ettinger (Caffè Nero)


Celebration and Event (Date TBC)

We will invite you and your family to join us at our graduation event as the Creative Business Skills Bootcamp comes to an end. It's a momentous occasion where participants celebrate their achievements and reflect on the knowledge gained throughout their journey. We will highlight the challenges overcome and the lessons learned, inspiring the cohort to embrace the future with confidence and resilience. Certificates will be awarded, symbolising the completion of the programme and the beginning of a new chapter. We will all leave the event with a sense of pride.


Follow Up Meetings

After completing the Creative Business Skills Bootcamp, we are eager that the cohort stay in touch and work together to create a community of start-up businesses in the creative sector. We want to keep in touch with you and help you along your way as your business ideas develop. We will be organising a follow up meeting later on in the year to network and collaborate. We will also encourage you to participate in the ongoing Reignite events and extend your reach across the wider business community ensuring cross-sector collaboration and cooperative working practices.